Nature is our muse in everything we do!
Our foundation blends together a social and environmental mission, in harmony with what we’re about.

We’re focused on building our business to embody the three pillars of sustainability.

Which means, we seek ways to reduce our impact from the product design stage and along an intricate supply chain involving people and the planet, without foregoing economic viability.

We accept that we cannot get it all done at once, or right, all the time.
Our work has just begun. Progress is an evolving process.

Yet, no matter what challenges await, we remain committed to transforming everyday essentials into visually poetic, innovative, and sustainable home living products, for as long as our company is around.

To make our mission a reality, we know we cannot achieve this on our own.
Together, with like-minded friends,
we will be shifting towards reducing our combined environmental footprint, one step at a time.

SHIFT | CREATE | TRANSFORM is our mantra.

Find out how this mantra translates into our commitments below.